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Boulder Colorado 80308
Tel: 303-926-1703
FAX: 303-926-1510
SciCon LLC

Environmental Compliance, Enforcement, Analysis & Sustainability

SciCon, LLC is an environmental information technology firm offering software products for government organizations. SciCon provides custom software development, enterprise ready data management products, system architecture, process analysis, and information technology consulting services exclusively in the sustainability, environmental and natural resources disciplines. SciCon combines unparalleled subject matter expertise, information technology skills, and project management experience with the agility unique to specialized firms which allows us to quickly resolve issues, commit resources, and redirect energy as projects develop.

Regulatory System - The Regulatory System is an enterprise system designed with and for environmental regulatory authorities. The system is modular to allow agencies to add functionality over time as needs or resources dictate. Currently there are eight modules in addition to the system core, which is the data repository. The system functionality includes site management; permitting; compliance and enforcement; emission & chemical management; and workflow management.

Analysis System - The Analysis System is a comprised of an integrated enterprise information system based upon statistical analysis of environmental factors; environmental and social ROI calculations; environmental risk analysis; and sustainability management and analysis.

Consulting Services - SciCon's integrated consulting practice in Sustainability & Environmental Management Information Systems (SEMIS), Environmental Data Management, Systems Integration, and Data Management/Analysis provides the necessary expertise to assist clients in managing complex environmental information management systems.

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